Jordan Carlyle the founder of Carlyle designs

Jordan Carlyle

Principle & founder

At the helm of Carlyle Designs since 2007, Jordan Carlyle has consistently delivered a luxurious aesthetic marked by his keen attention to detail. Striking the perfect balance between elegant simplicity and bold allure, his designs feature clean lines, monochromatic palettes, and bursts of rich color. Skillfully incorporating bespoke bronze and gold accents alongside antique pieces, Carlyle creates a harmonious fusion of old and new for a truly modern finish.

In 2011, Jordan Carlyle expanded his creative vision by founding and curating the Carlyle Collective—an exclusive online showroom that brings together talented designers from across the globe. Offering a vast array of customizable options, the Collective caters to the diverse design and functional needs of its discerning clientele. At the core of this venture lies an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and a passion for refined aesthetics.

With a diverse and far-reaching portfolio, Carlyle Designs has expertly crafted spaces that encompass a range of styles, from modernist villas in the Middle East to an array of captivating residences throughout the United States.